Rare Burgers: Your Questions Answered

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The “hot” topic of rare burgers re-emerged last month. On the Radio 2 Steve Wright show top chef Kevin Woodford mistakenly stated that medium rare burgers were safe to eat when barbecuing at home. This prompted criticism, not of the advice – but of the lack of clarity of the Food Standards Agency’s own advice. Kate Thompson, the Chartered Institute …

August 2017 Food Hygiene and Health & Safety News, part 1

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We may only be in the first few days of August but already there are plenty of stories hitting the headlines regarding health and safety prosecutions, precautions, faecal matter and possible legislative changes which could see a standing ovation in the Premier League. A £250,000 fine has been handed down to a passenger air transport firm in Bedfordshire after one …

4 Cs Food Safety

The 4 Cs of Food Safety

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One of the most effective and memorable ways to manage food safety within your business involves ‘The 4 Cs of Food Safety’. By keeping the 4 Cs in mind when running your food business, you can protect your customers from food poisoning while ensuring business can run as usual in the process. Here’s a quick introduction to the 4 Cs… …

fire safety for restaurant owners

Fire Safety Tips For Restaurant Owners

Chris Hassall Fire Safety

With so much to take into account when running your restaurant, thinking about what you’d do in the event of a fire is probably the last thing on your mind. However, with so much going on in the kitchen and the potential for so many fire hazards, it’s important to adopt a few fire safety protocols to minimise risk and …

Food Hygiene Takeaway

How To Get A Good Food Hygiene Rating In Your Takeaway

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One in seven takeaways in the UK has failed food hygiene inspections, according to new analysis of data from the Food Standards Agency. Across the nation, more than 7,000 takeaways failed their inspections due to dirty premises and poor food preparation procedures. Restaurants given a zero score won’t necessarily be shut down but they will require a follow-up visit within …

FSA To Provide Diners With More Transparent Food Hygiene Ratings

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The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is said to be shaking-up the way it presents Food Hygiene Ratings on its website. Diners have long been able to check restaurants’ Food Hygiene Ratings online but proposed changes to the FSA website could see more detailed information become available. If the changes go ahead, diners will be able to see exactly where food …